NDE Underground Glory 2.0 2019. Assalamualaikum! It is our great pleasure to invite you all U-16 youngsters(up to grade 10) out there to participate and compete with each other to be the next rising stars. This is a tournament made for rising youngsters to showcase their potential and their skills to the highest level! So, is your team capable and do you guys have enough potential to be called the best? Then make sure your team registers for the tournament! We hope all of you will participate and battle it out for the ultimate glory. Have a good day and long live football!
***Teams should post by their team name and contact number***
The organizers have all the rights to not let a player play due to age restrictions.

NDE Underground Glory 2.0 Tournament Details

Date: Friday, February 1, 2019 at 8 AM.
Venue: NDE Sports Facility, Bashundhara Block G, Road 5, 1229 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Age limit is 16 (proof is required)

NDE Underground Glory 2.0 AWARDS

  • Champions- Trophy + Medals + prize money (TBD on the number of teams participating)
  • Runners Up- Trophy + Medals + prize money (TBD on the number of teams participating)
  • Individual Awards
  • Top Scorer
  • Best Goal Keeper
  • Best Defender
  • Young Talent
  • Player of the tournament (MVP)

NDE Underground Glory 2.0 Rules and Regulations

No teams will be confirmed before paying the full entry fee
All teams MUST clear the entry fee before their match starts

  • Entry Fee: 4000BDT
  • 5-a-side.
  • Under-16 (up to grade10)
  • No offside
  • Rolling sub
  • 10 minutes straight matches, no half time
  • It will be a one-day tournament of 16 or 20 teams participating
  • Every team must have their proper jersey and proper football kit to avoid confusion.
  • Teams must show up at least 15 minutes before their match and be ready on given game
  • Boots are not allowed, only Turf or Indoor
  • No Player will be allowed to play barefooted
  • A player can play in a maximum of two teams.
  • Professionals are not allowed in this tournament.
  • Each team must be present on the field with all their team members at least 15 minutes before their respective matches.
  • Any Team not reporting in time and missing the start of a match will be counted as a Forfeit and opponent will have a 2-0 win over them.
  • If a player is shown a RED CARD in a match or 2 YELLOW CARDS in consecutive matches that player will be banned for the next match.
  • Referee’s call is the final decision. Arguments or misconduct related to the decision WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • The referee can play advantage to a team if the opportunity to play an advantage arises.
  • Any action is taken or intention shown by a certain team member to physically hurt an opponent player both on and off the field might lead to a DISQUALIFICATION of that player from the tournament.
  • A team won’t be able to play without paying their full entry fee.
  • Once the Entry fee is cleared no refunds will be made unless the Tournament is canceled.
  • Teams playing in this tournament either have to wear their own jerseys or all the players in the team have to wear similar colored jerseys/t-shirts.
  • Rolling substitution system.
  • No offside rules will be applied.
  • Each team captain will have to sign his teams and all of his players in the squad list when they enter the field.
  • Injury time will be played in every match.
  • If any team can’t make it on the scheduled time, an opponent will get a goal for every 5 minutes of delay (this strictly applies for all and no request will be taken as later on the organizers get complications for these, your co-operation will be much appreciated)
  • Referees decision is the final decision (Any argument, bad comment or sledding will lead to a Yellow / Red Card
  • A player has shown RED card is suspended for the next match.
  • Any kind of wrong behavior or bad comment on the field will not be tolerated and will lead to Yellow/Red Card or even in worst cases accused person or team may be disqualified.
  • We request you to strictly maintain the time.

For more information please feel free to inbox the organizer.

Organized & Hosted by
Abrar Faiyaz Karim.

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