Azimpur Futsal 2018. After a long time, we come back with 7-a-side Futsal Cup-2018. It will kick-off from 16 November 2018. From the Azimpur soccer club that brought you the best tournaments here at the best field of Dhaka for futsal in which all the non-professional footballers will get the chance to show their talents. In Sha Allah, this tournament will be a memorable tournament for every teams and player. Get your teams ready for battle.

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Azimpur Futsal 2018 Tournament Details

Venue:  Azimpur 27No Field. Azimpur Govt. Colony, Dhaka, 1205

Date: 16 November 2018 at 12:45 PM – 3:45 PM.

  • 16 Teams only
  • Age Limit: No Age Limit
  • Team Entrance Fee: BDT 2500
  • 7-A-Side
  • 10 Man squad limit
  • Offside Rule: Off
  • There will be 4 groups each of 4 teams.
  • Best two teams will qualify for the round of 16.


If we get more team it will increase



Individual Achievements

  • The Goal Machine
  • The Best Player
  • The Golden Gloves
  • Rising Star (Best u-18 player)

Match Length

  • Group Stage: 15 mins straight (No halftime)
  • Round of 16: 15 mins straight
  • Quarter Finals: 15 mins straight
  • Semi-Finals: 10 mins Per Half
  • Finals: 10 mins Per Half

Registration Date

  • 1st November r to 10th November 2018
  • Captains Meeting:13th November, 2018 (5pm -7pm)
  • Meeting Place: 27no. field Azimpur colony

The captains will have to pay the entry fee as the confirmation of the team in the date of the meeting or the team will be straightaway dismissed from the Tournament and the Paid TK for the teams will be nonrefundable unless the Tournament gets canceled.


  2. No player will be allowed to play Barefooted (only Turf and boots).
  3. A player cannot play in more than 1 Team.
  5. Each team must be present on the field with all their team members at least 15 minutes before their respective matches.
  6. The team, missing halftime of a match will be considered that they forfeited thus opposition will have a 3-0 walk over.
  7. The last man standing keeper in the game time will have to stand keeper if the match stretches to penalties. No team will be allowed to change their keeper during a shoot-out.
  8. Rolling substitution system.
  9. If a player is shown a RED CARD in a match or 2 YELLOW CARDS in consecutive matches that player will be banned for the next match.
  10. Referee’s call is the final decision. Arguments or misconduct related to the decision WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and might lead to a Disqualification of that team from the tournament.
  11. Once the Entry fee is cleared no refunds will be made unless the Tournament is canceled
  12. All other basic FIFA rules will be followed.
  13. The greatest number of points (each team gets three for a win and one for a draw).
  • Goal difference in all group matches.
  • Goals scored in all group matches.
  • Head to headcount
  • The tiebreaker between the two team

Feel Free to contact the following numbers

Imran 01687071455

Hossain 01767748697

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