Associates Cup 2019. Welcome to Associates Cup 2019.

Associates Cup 2019 Tournament Details

Date:  21 FEB Thursday at 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.
Venue: JAFFBashundhara Main Gate, 1229 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

16 Teams
No Age Limit Tournament
5 A Side ( 10 Man Squad )
Official Ball Size 5
Rolling Sub
No Offside
No Boots (Spike boots/Astro Boots/Turf Boots/Cleats/Any kinds of boots are NOT allowed. ONLY Flat/Rubber Soles or Indoors or Indoor Turfs)

The Match Timings

Group Stage- 10 Mins Straight
Round of 16- 12 Mins Straight
Quarter Finals- 12 Mins Straight
Semi Finals- 8 Mins per half
Finals- 10 Mins per half

The Prize Money

Champions- BDT 10,000 + Trophy + Medals
Runners Up- BDT 7,000 + Trophy + Medals

The Individuals

  • The Goal Machine ( Top Scorer) – Miniature trophy/Crest
  • The Wall ( Best Defender) – Miniature trophy/Crest
  • The Golden Gloves ( Best GK) – Miniature trophy/Crest
  • The Magician (MVP) – Miniature trophy/Crest
  • Captain Marvelous ( Best Captain) – Miniature trophy/Crest
  • Man of the Match Award – (From Quarter Finals)

The Rules

1. No player will be allowed to play Bare footed.
2. A player CANNOT play in more than One Team. (Even if a team is dismissed from any stages, any player from that team cannot be part of any other team of the tournament.
3. Professionals are NOT allowed in this tournament.
4. Each team must be present on the field with all their team members at least 15 minutes before their respective matches.
5. Any Team not reporting in time and missing the start of a match will be counted as a Forfeit and opponent will have a 2-0 win over them.
6. If a player is shown a RED CARD in a match or 2 YELLOW CARDS in consecutive matches that player will be banned for the next match.
7. Referee’s call is the final decision. Arguments or misconduct related to the decision WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
8. Only the referee can play advantage to a team if the opportunity to play an advantage arises. 9. Any action is taken or intention shown by a certain team member to physically hurt an opponent player both on and off the field might lead to a DISQUALIFICATION of that team from the tournament.
10. Smoking in the arena is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
11. A team won’t be able to play without paying their full entry fee.
12. Once the Entry fee is cleared no refunds will be made unless the Tournament is canceled.
13. All other basic FIFA rules will be followed.

📷 Photographer will be present throughout the tournament day to capture every action 📷

NOTE: Every team will have to pay an advance of BDT 2000 to confirm their spot for the tournament via Bkash or Hand to Hand at JAFF by contacting the organizers. Personal Bkash Number – 01920297556 (Sadip SK Shawon).

Feel Free to contact the following numbers for any Inquiry

Sadip Sk Shawon – 01920297556
Nowrose Tishan – 01799276909

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